Girl Cop in Trouble is nearly ready!

I am very excited to share with you that my standalone sequel Girl Cop in Trouble is nearing publication! It will be almost 2 years to the day from the release of my debut novel.

PC Sally Gentle is now a fully fledged officer and Girl Cop in Trouble takes Sally on another action packed and emotive journey as she strives to hone her policing skills. But there’s trouble ahead when Sally’s attempts to consolidate her relationship with Alex – and his young son – are hampered after she is accused of crimes against Alex’s former partner.

I hope that this second instalment of Sally’s adventures will have you laughing and crying in equal measures as it chronicles my heroine’s experience of policing and love in the 1990’s. Check out the cover design which this time features some Bath architecture!

Standby for my Kickstarter campaign – details to follow.

Girl Cop 2 cover jpeg


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